Very excited to announce my art was selected for a United Nations Climate Change exhibit in NYC!

An image from my Solar Heroes project will be part of The Flag Project at Rockefeller Center this April! Teaming up with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Climate Museum, Rockefeller center will display fine art that focuses on “Only One Earth.”

Solar Heroes is a personal project inspired by the idea of celebrating the people who install solar, and highlighting these unsung heroes. I was aware that this was a politically charged topic when it shouldn’t be, so rather than focusing on one industry replacing another, I wondered why no one was talking about how the solar industry was adding jobs. Why wasn’t anyone talking about the workers? View the entire Solar Heroes series here.

My photograph will be turned into a flag, and fly among other flags at Rockefeller Center from April 1 - May 1. I’m honored to have been chosen!

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