I struggle with the stereotypical view of the rural-urban divide; I am concerned about our country's red and blue divide.  Our food is not red and blue, our rivers are not red and blue, and our earth is not red and blue.  We need to find a path forward that unites us.  I am fascinated with the idea that two people can look at the same thing and see totally different things.  I wanted to explore that idea while using the two colors to illuminate a landscape.

Nighttime views of corn growing in agricultural research greenhouses sparked my interest in pursuing this project. They immediately inspired visions of the Sci-fi art in my son's books. I sought to express the Sci-fi vibe I experienced when I saw those glowing greenhouses. I started experimenting with the red and blue lighting of the cornfields. 

I am not sure what will change our political divide. We have been coming together around food for thousands of years, so maybe coming together around food in the place it grows could open a dialogue and encourage change? I envision these photographs exhibited in barns across the country with large food tables filled with people of all political parties having a civil conversation about our future.

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