A new exhibit guest curated by Aline Smithson, titled The Artist Intervenes, opened February 18th, 2023, and will be on display through March 4, 2023 at the Praxis Photo Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN.   

Cracks In the Ice No. 1 was awarded an Honorable Mention and is displayed alongside with many other incredible works of art at this International Juried Photography Exhibition.  

“Photographic artists are reconsidering the potential of a photograph with a shift to making rather than taking photographs.  By using vintage and contemporary photographs as a starting point, artists create physically layered works of art that result in an object, often in reaction to the flood of ubiquitous imagery that digital and cell phone photography has afforded.”

View the Virtual Tour!  or visit the exhibit in person at: Praxis Photo Arts Center, 2637 27th Ave S.Minneapolis, MN, 55406

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